How do you know you are in the right career? or if there could be more to life?

We spend a lot of time at work. To find out if your career is suited to you or whether there need to be a few tweaks or even a major overhaul, we could get technical and analyze your personality type and your qualifications and compare it to your job description and your salary. We could produce a complicated spreadsheet or graph.

……..or we could just ask you to notice how you feel on a Sunday night.

I’ve always found Sunday evenings to be quite a reflective time – the weekend is over and you are mulling over the upcoming week. What is going through your mind, how are you feeling about work tomorrow?

As I was lying in bed last night I noticed how relaxed and happy I was feeling, I had a really great weekend – a garden party with neighbours to celebrate the Royal Wedding on Saturday and a Hen do on Sunday, my two boys are happy and healthy and I was thinking about work and everything I was looking forward to getting done this week. I’m moving forward with a purpose in my new career, I’m not stressed and I am able to enjoy life, my children, my friends, I enjoy my working life and I am genuinely excited about it. It dawned on me that how I was feeling at that moment was a million miles away from how I have felt in other stages of my working life.

That Sunday night feeling was like a snapshot into my life. Observing how something makes us feel is the most intuitive and useful tool that we have. Things are feeling good for me, so I know I’m on the right track with what I am doing, I know I made the right decision to sell my last business, I know it was right to move to the country – because it all feels right. Since I started consciously directing my life, rather than just plodding on, I am amazed at how my whole life seems to be coming together. Is this just a big coincidence? I think not.

Next Sunday evening take a moment to really think about how you are feeling. Do you have that slight dread knowing you have to go to work tomorrow and it’s another 5 long days until it’s the weekend again? Maybe your business is not going well and you are really worried. You may not have even been able to properly switch off at the weekend as you are so stressed that you are unable to be fully present in your family life. You may feel exhausted and tired all of the time and its really affecting your work and home life. You may feel a bit stuck in a job you hate but feel you have no option as you need the money, or maybe you are working so hard and not getting anywhere?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, it’s definitely worth putting some thought into creating a life that you love, all 7 days of the week!

Maybe you could benefit from a discovery call to identify some ‘quick fixes’, or some health coaching to get your spark back, business consultancy to try and rescue a failing business, or specific help with payroll or setting up your social media.

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