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Does this sound familiar?

  • You are a newly qualified Health Coach or Nutritional Therapist, excited about starting your new business, but not quite sure where to start?
  • Maybe you have tried to do things yourself but are now overwhelmed and struggling to move forward?
  • You may have been coaching a while but still finding it so hard to get new clients (and secretly wondering how some people make it look so easy!)
  • Maybe you have so many ideas going around your head and are just not sure how to actually make any of them happen?
  • You are frustrated and bogged down with so much admin and wasted unproductive time. Surely there must be an easier way to do it all?

Business mentoring may be the perfect solution for you!


Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you.  It has been so helpful – just these first few sessions to create clarity in my head!  and on paper…   I feel so good to be making progress, rather than floundering on which direction to take….

Thank you again so much – for your wisdom and guidance….it feels like we are unlocking so much and making so much progress. My head is buzzing with excitement!

Ali Mortimer

Health Coach, Heal Yourself Happy



What does Business Mentoring involve?


I support you with strategy and goal setting to give you focus, clarity and small actionable steps as you grow.

I also give you practical advice and can help you get all of the processes and systems in place so that your business is built from a solid foundation from which your business can grow and evolve.

You don’t need to struggle on alone, let me support you every step of the way to achieving your goals and growing a successful and healthy business.

We would have a quick initial call to see if we would be a good fit working together. If we both wanted to go ahead you would choose the package that best suited your needs (either 1, 2 or 4 calls per month), and we would fill out the paperwork.

Build your own mentoring package!


1. Choose from 1, 2 or 4 calls per month.

Each call would include:

  • A video call for up to 60 minutes held on Zoom
  • A write up of the call, including strategy, goals with clear and concise action points, things to think about, book suggestions, all specific to you
  • Email support between calls as needed

2. Would you like tech support?

You can choose the number of hours per month you would like to add to your package, or have tech support on an adhoc basis when you need it.

3. How long would you like support for?

Choose from 3, 4, 5 or 6 months


Would you like additional tech support and training?

This can be included as an extra on any of your monthly packages for £30 per hour (with a minimum of 4 hours per month), OR, you can pay as you go on an adhoc basis depending on your requirements for £35 per hour (subject to availability).

This could be for me to help you with email marketing, to revamp your website, increase your SEO, design some social media posts/leaflets on Canva, design a spreadsheet, look at your business plans, and much much more!

I can also manage your business remotely for you (manage your emails, your email marketing and social media posts, update your website, manage your Facebook groups etc). Please refer to my Online Business Management page for more info and prices.

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