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Successful wellness entrepreneurs!
  • Have you got to the point where there is not enough of YOU to go around?
  • Is your business growth (and earning potential!) limited because there just aren’t enough hours in the day?
  • Maybe you are so busy coaching clients, writing up notes, managing your social media, running your membership group, answering all those emails, that all of those plans that you dream of doing ‘one day’ never get started?

….that retreat that you dream of running, that book you’ve always wanted to write, being able to say ‘yes’ to more speaking opportunities, creating that course, opening that cafe, finishing that degree…

You have come to the right place.

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Wellness brands and businesses!
  • Are you a business, charity or organisation looking to launch a product or scale your business?
  • You know that with the right person by your side and the right systems your business would really move up a gear.
  • Do you need an ‘extra pair of hands’ and someone to share the workload and support you?
  • Do you need someone to help you get your business or brand to the next level?

Just as a regular Business Manager would manage things and keep your business running smoothly, help you grow and strategise – I would do the same, but remotely from my home in Kent.

We can have regular video calls to stay in touch, work on shared systems. Good communication is key.



We cannot recommend Felicity highly enough! She is the most fantastic OBM you could wish for, an absolute gem. She is detailed, efficient, proactive, resourceful, competent, open, friendly and completely reliable.

Felicity has transformed our organisation (The UK Health Coaches Association) into something much better than we were able to on our own. Her unique skill set is broad and varied from helping out with day to day tasks, technology, spreadsheets, social media, to finances and everything in between.

She sees the bigger picture, is quick to identify gaps and is able to provide solutions. You can count on Felicity to do what she says she will do and to see something through to completion. She has added value in so many countless ways. We would recommend her without hesitation, to anyone looking for seamless OBM support for their business. Fran McElwaine

Director, UK Health Coaches Association

Tell me more…


As your OBM I would help you create a strategy, work out what your long term goals are and how we can make sure you achieve them.

What aspects of your day to day jobs do you enjoy and do YOU need to do?

Lets work out what I can take over for you so that your time is best spend on building your brand and achieving those big life goals you have always dreamed of!

We would have a quick initial call to see if we would be a good fit working together. If we both wanted to go ahead you would choose the package that best suited your needs, and we would fill out the paperwork and then get started!

Build your own OBM package!

I am self-employed so you don’t need to worry about all of the costs and responsibilities that you would have if you were to take on an employed Business Manager, your only cost would be the costs detailed below.

I ensure that I have all of the office and IT equipment that I need, so again none of the costs that you would have if you were to employ someone.

1. Choose your set monthly hours 

There is a minimum of 2 hrs per week – and the more hours you have the cheaper the hourly rate

2. Do you need me to work outside normal office hours or weekends?

There will be an additional charge of 10% added to your monthly bill if you would like me to be available during these extended times

3. How long would you like support for?

The minimum is 3 months so that I can really add value to your business. The longer the initial contract the lower the monthly price.

Would you like personal business mentoring?

This can be included as an extra on any of your monthly packages, please see my Business Mentoring page for more details!

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